Alkaline (pH 8.5)

Sodium Bicarbonate

Artesian Mineral Water


From an ancient artesian aquifier deep within the earth, Mt Taranaki created Pure One.


When we purchased the historic bath house in 1993, we had no idea that this water had so many health benefits as a drinking alkaline water. Much much more than just a bathing resource. Little did the historians know that drilled the well back in 1906, or those that operated the bath house in 1914, Tarawhata, what a beneficial drinking water this was.

Our blessed Mt Taranaki has produced something totally unique, and our local branding, "like no other" is so true of this resource.

The water is smooth, full bodied, it feels like you are actually drinking a living water. The oxygen component produces an alive feeling. Your body soon gets to know that the missing trace elements contained in Pure One, this natural volcanic water are so beneficial to the cells. It actually becomes very addictive.

Most of our customers say that they can’t drink other water now. That when they run out they struggle having to drink TAP water, or other bottled water.

We are very happy when we hear the stories that people tell with improvements in so many health conditions. Acidity, gout, skin conditions, digestive issues, headaches, cancer, all sorts. It is a lovely water. With some people it does take a while for the taste buds to settle, but generally once you balance out the acid/alkaline levels in your body, it is "like no other" and your body will thank you.

Mike Fahy & Coral Lambert