The recent frontpage article in the Taranaki Daily News Saturday 11th January 2020, headlined “What to do about our water” shows us all how precious a product water is. It sustains life here on earth, and with the recent fires raging in Australia, we in New Zealand often take our water and our rainfall as just the norm, we perhaps take it for granted. We also noted the information provided by Sustainable Taranaki trustee, Dee Turner “the town water supply with chemicals in it is not good for the soil biology “, suggesting “ if you can get a source of rainwater for your plants you’re doing them so much more good than using town water” …yet people drink this town water ? so question…. what is it doing to their body?

Ok, bottled water is causing adding to waste in the world, but so are the huge empires of Coke and fizzy drinks, endless throw away plastic containers for packaging endless products.

When the water crisis was thrown upon us in February 2018, we as a local water supplier were run off our feet trying to keep up with the people who were lining up to get fresh, clean water. We promote a refilling system good for you and great for the environment. Your drinking water supply doesn’t have to consist of purchasing water from your supermarket and throwing away the container, when Mt Taranaki has given us a very unique, healthy, pure, clean sustainable water right at your doorstep. Yes, it is different, being a sodium bicarbonate alkaline water, but sometimes you just need to adjust your pallet, of perhaps your diet is too acidic as the water is alkaline.

Life is about choice, so will leave you with this.

Refill PURE ONE help the environment and help yourself and your family

Additional Information

pure one is sodium bicarbonate

Pure One's bicarbonate level is 777mg/L.

Researchers at the Institute of Food Science, Technology and Nutrition (ICTAN), and the Centre National Research Council (CSIC), have shown that consumption of a sodium bicarbonate mineral water during meals can reduce cardiovascular risk. This emerges from the latest results of a study published in the European Journal of Nutrition

"It has been shown that consuming 600mls of this type of water can achieve a reduction of between 6 and 15% of blood lipids during digestion." This helps to reduce the risk of atherosclerotic plaque formation in artery walls or atherosclerosis, which causes an increased risk of a cardioascular event such as angina or a heart attack. This is possible, as explained by Dr.Pilar Vaquero, the director and lead study author of CSIC. "Thanks to the particular composition of waters that contain a high content of mineral salts."

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Living Water

All the water is dead or comatose. This has evolved from a wrong turn made by scientists. The effect of that wrong turn has killed or turned off the life force in water. This happens because water is a living energy and when poisoned with chemicals, the life force leaves. Aqua Vivens (Living Water of life) is a term which is seldom fully understood in western healing modalities today. It refers to the most important substance for life on this planet, but most people understand water to be a lifeless chemical composition H20. This is wrong because water is a living energy.

Bio-photons or somatids are tiny energy bodies that are found in the life fluids of all living things. Dr Enderlein of Germany, Antoine Bechamp of France and Gaston
Naessens of Canada have all reported the observation of bio-photons or somatids in blood and other life fluids. Gaston Naessens believes that bio-photons are a
solidification of pure light energy. It is also theorisedthat bio-photons may be precursors to DNA.

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To understand water is to understand the cosmos, the marvels of nature, and life itself." – Masaru Emoto

How is it that water always makes us feel just a bit better? An evening bath with a drop of lavender relaxes us without fail. An early morning shower awakens and invigorates. A cool glass of ice water refreshes our senses, while a dip in the ocean has the ability to make us feel like altogether different beings; lighter, floating. Water at different temperatures and from various sources has amazing healing properties, while even the mere sound of water takes us to a purer place.

Water washes away our worries and purifies the soul. To many ancient cultures, springs and water wells were sacred and represented fertility. The symbolic use of water in Christian baptism (from the Greek Baptizein; to dip in water) shows us just one great importance water holds on a spiritual level. Even our modern language 'reflects' this importance. We have streams of consciousness and wells of knowledge. Water is a magical creature, ever flowing, ever changing …the essence of life itself.

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