Don’t discard, we refill clean containers with Pure One $0.80 c per litre.

local water refills

Your local Mt Taranaki Alkaline Mineral Water, Pure One, is available for refilling containers/ bottles over 1 litre in size.

Direct from the source at Bonithon Avenue, Moturoa, New Plymouth.

This refilling system is only available to locals who come to pick up their water. We are unable to send these containers out of the area due to the weight which controls the charge of the couriers.

Hence we can only offer this system within Taranaki.

If you choose to provide your own containers/ bottles, these containers must be clean.

We suggest that you do not use old milk containers as the plastic is tainted by the milk.

We do sell steralised containers on site in a variety of sizes.


All of our plastic containers are food grade and BPA Free

Container size New Price Refill Price
21 litres $38.00 $17.00
11 litres $28.00 $9.00
5 litres $8.00 $4.00
1.25 litre $4.00 $1.00


Glass Bottles/ sizes New Price Refill Price
5 litre $25.00 $4.00
2.5 litre $15.00 $2.00
1 litre $8.00 $0.80c


The business, Pure One Nz Ltd operates just to the back of the Taranaki Thermal Spa in a specfic, NPDC Health Dept approved facility. The water is tested regularly by Envirolink in Hamilton, and meets all drinking water regulation standards.

Coming from the sealed 3004ft, 1 kilometre well inside the spa,

there is no chance of any contamination. Pure, clean sustanable alkaline mineral water. Made lovingly by mother nature, just for you

Our water is a living water, oxygen rich and contains many health benefits. From its ph level of 8.5  to its mineral rich components.

Pure One is a very addictive water, like no other. Just ask someone you know who consumes it.

One of our regular drinkers returning from holiday exclaimed,

“ I missed nothing while I was away, not even my dog ! but man I missed this water !! ”

Your body will thank you and so will the environment !