This video shows the oxygen component of Pure One.

As it swirls and rises the water clears.

This is why we call it living water


The best water. Could not go back to drinking town water. My son grew up drinking Pure One water and has no fillings !! Recommend this water to all !!

no name

I drive over from Tauranga every month so that I can provide my clients with the best water in NZ. Healing powers MAX !


The best water I’ve ever drunk. Wouldn’t go back to any other water. I feel so much cleaner & clearer since drinking this. Thank you.


Been drinking this amazing, delicious water for over 10 years and none of the family gets sick very often. We take it away with us when we go travelling too! Love it!

- J S Tanner

I like the taste, and the water over time has prevented gout coming back.

- Carl

At first I thought this water could be another health ‘fad’. Actually it’s now just part of my lifestyle. It makes you feel good!! Even my kids don’t like ‘normal water’ now!

- Anonymous

I drink it for health reasons and to alkalize the body. I recommend it to many of my clients.

- Kitty. Naturopath New Plymouth

I have never been a water drinker until I tried Pure One. And now we take it everywhere, travelling etc.

- Nicky

We are approximately 90% water so why not make that the best quality water you can get. That’s why Pure One is the one for me.

- Maree

Pure One nourishes my body, restoring my balance of minerals after each 90 minute massage. It provides me with endurance to complete a full day of bodywork.

- R Lambert. Massage practitioner

Best water ever. Tastes good and is great for you  

- Anonymous

I drink this because it is beautiful and I don’t like ordinary tap water.

- Anonymous

The best water I’ve ever tasted, we always have it on hand for drinking at home. Thanks Pure One!!

- Chloe

Been drinking Pure One for 10+ years. Our whole family drinks it and we hardly get sick. Best H2O ever. 

- J Sandy Herdman

I am a district nurse, massage therapist and energy healer. My parents, my son & myself have been enjoying Pure One for many years. I recommend it to clients with arthritis. I give it to my clients after any treatment.

- Lynda Northcott. New Plymouth

I love this water, it always takes away my thirst. Makes my insides feel great especially my skin & now I can’t drink any other water but Pure One. Great friendly service & very convenient spot.

- Erina

My family have been drinking the water for years. The kids refuse to drink anything else.

- Richard