From the depths of New Zealand, Mt Taranaki created Pure One.

Proudly New Zealand family-owned and operated, Pure One offers the only water of its type on the New Zealand market today; it is documented as the oldest and deepest high-quality mineral water source in the country - like no other.

Our Water

The water journey

It begins as rainfall over the magnificent Mt Taranaki (Taranaki Maunga), surrounded by pristine native bush, rivers, and waterfalls. As the water slowly travels underground it is naturally filtered by volcanic rock, protecting it from the air and other pollutants. It then gathers minerals and antioxidants on its 29,000-year journey to a sustainable artesian aquifer deep beneath the earth. This artesian aquifer is known as the Matemateāonga formation, which has been scientifically documented as 5.5 - 4.7 million years old. The water then escapes under the natural pressure of this formation and Pure One rises 1,000m to the surface.

At our local facility, the first time the water enters your container, is the first time that it has seen the light of day since its journey from deep under the mountain 29,000-years ago.

Our history

What first began as an oil exploration in 1906, soon led to the discovery of not oil, but warm mineral water from a deep sealed well 1,000m below the earth’s surface. The water ran to waste until 1914 when the Tarawhata Hot Mineral Baths were built and enjoyed by the public for many years until it was closed in the mid-1960s.

In 1999 the Bonithon Spa Health Co. Ltd re-established this historical bathhouse as what is known today as the Taranaki Thermal Spa.

After a few years, the owners (Mike and Coral) had the water further analysed and discovered that the water was suitable for drinking as well. This saw the establishment of Pure One NZ Ltd, which is now enjoyed and appreciated by many locals and people around New Zealand.

The Pure One difference

It is said that natural mineral waters have their own ‘terroir’, which is a French word that refers to all of the natural conditions that make something unique; terroir determines the character.

Pure One is carbon-dated 29,000-years old; it is full of antioxidants and it contains over 40 minerals and trace elements which make the water naturally alkaline at a ph. of 8.5. It is these minerals and trace elements that create Pure One’s smooth, fresh and unique taste, leaving a silky texture on the palate which is an expression of its terroir.

Living water, made by nature

Pure One's total dissolved mineral solids (TDS) is 807mg/L this falls into the medium mineral category. Pure One's bicarbonate level is 777.

Our water components

Some of these are listed below:


Pure One is committed to providing the most unique water from nature in a sustainable way.

Renewable resource

How Pure One gets to you is important to us; the impact that our processes have on our environment is a key focus when it comes to our small business operations. We are proud to be a renewable water source; our artesian aquifer is constantly re-filled by rainfall, which takes a 29,000-year journey to get there. This allows for the aquifer to replenish at a far greater rate than we could ever take the water out of the earth, making sure that we are always preserving our natural environment.

This renewable water source escapes under the natural pressure of the Matemateāonga formation, without the need for any machinery that could be damaging to the earth, and Pure One rises to the surface.

Reducing single-use

We pride ourselves on being one of the few water companies in New Zealand that promote the re-filling of water containers and bottles on site. By doing this, we are helping to minimise the unnecessary wastage of single-use bottles. We are committed to solutions that minimise single-use plastics.

Doing more

Keeping true to our commitment to reducing waste, Pure One has set a goal to transition to 20% recycled (PET) bottles by 2023.

Our larger 5, 10 and 20litre containers are food grade and BPA-free, refillable at the shop. We also offer the option of glass bottles in various sizes, and this is something that we are continually working on developing.

What our customers say

The best water I’ve ever drunk. Wouldn’t go back to any other water. I feel so much cleaner & clearer since drinking this. Thank you.

I drink it for health reasons and to alkalize the body. I recommend it to many of my clients
Kitty. Naturopath New Plymouth

I love this water, it always takes away my thirst. Makes my inside feel great especially my skin & now I can't drink any other water but Pure One. Great friendly service & very convenient spot.

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