46,000-Year-Old Mineral Water

Our story starts 46,000 years ago in New Zealand, on the West Coast of the North Island, thousands of kilometers away from the nearest continent. 

Standing high above sea level, surrounded by lush native forest, pristine streams, and waterfalls, lies the magnificent Mount Taranaki. As clouds gather above the summit, rainfall begins its voyage deep beneath the earth’s surface. Along this journey the water is naturally filtered through layers of volcanic rock; protected and preserved from external elements, untouched by man.

A Unique Single Source Deep Beneath The Earth

Beneath the earth lies an ancient artesian aquifer; The Matemateāonga Formation. Late Miocene to early Pliocene in age (3.6 - 11.6 million years), it is recognised as one of the oldest aquifers in New Zealand. As the water reaches the depths of the aquifer it slowly migrates through reacting with the sediment. Ions are exchanged between the water and rock resulting in Pure One's unique mineral content.

The aquifer exists under such geological pressure that the water flows naturally to the surface through a 1,000m sealed well, emerging pure and untouched.

With a measured age of at least 46,000 years, Pure One is assessed as the oldest and deepest known mineral water in New Zealand.

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Incredible Minerality

To be mineral water, water must contain at least 250 mg/L TDS (Total Dissolved Solids); anything under that amount results in the water being spring water.

With 780 mg/L TDS, Pure One is the only known mineral water of its kind in New Zealand. Our water includes 17 of the 21 minerals considered essential to good health. These include calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus and chloride. As well as hard to source trace minerals such as iodine, selenium, vanadium and zinc.

Typical analysis at source, accurate to +/- 10%

pH 8.4-8.5

Bicarbonate 650 mg/L

Boron 2.7 mg/L

Calcium 3.8 mg/L

Chloride 36 mg/L

Chromium < 0.08053

Cobalt < 0.00021

Copper 1.41 µg/L

Iodine 9.1 µg/L

Magnesium 1.3 mg/L

Managenese 1.59 µg/L

Molybdenum 2.4 µg/L

Nitrate <0.2 mg/L

Phosphorus 111 µg/L

Potassium 3.3 mg/L

Selenium 1.1 µg/L

Silica 20 mg/L

Sodium 324 mg/L

Sulphate 500 µg/L

Vanadium 1.1 µg/L

Zinc 1.9 µg/L

Hardness 14.8 mgCaCO3/L

Total Dissolved Solids 780 mg/L

There will always be slight variances due to our water being 100% natural

Unmistakable Taste

A water's subtle taste and character come from its signature mineral content. Pure One has been fine-tuned by nature over thousands of years, creating the perfect balance naturally rich in minerals and salts. It is these subtle nuances that contribute to our soft, almost sweet taste and smooth finish, leaving a silky texture on the palate - it is unmistakable and truly unique. 

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