Our Mission

At Pure One we're setting a new standard when it comes to hydrating, we call it healthy hydration for healthy living. Our mission is to help teach people that water is not just water - natural, unprocessed water's each have their own story and unique characteristics.

Understanding this is important as water makes up a staggering 60-80% of the human body (depending on ones age), and it is involved in many of our body’s essential functions. So with this in mind, we believe it’s worth giving our bodies the best, especially when it comes to water.

  • 1906

    What first began as an oil exploration in 1906, soon led to the discovery of warm mineral water, not oil, from a deep sealed well, 1,000m beneath the earth’s surface. The well had connected to the Matemateāonga Formation; a 3.6 - 11.6 million-year-old ancient artesian aquifer that is part of the Taranaki Basin (one of the oldest basins in New Zealand at 80-100 million years old).

  • 1914

    The water ran to waste until 1914 when the Tarawhata Hot Mineral Baths were established. This saw a 25-metre by 12-metre bathhouse built, which was used as a public swimming pool, as well as several private baths, all of which were enclosed in the same concrete building.

    The Baths were very popular with the public and in 1939 H. Reedman, an Egyptian herbalist, advertised the Tarawhata Mineral Baths as “the most modern in the Southern Hemisphere… which compare with the famous Kreusnach Tonic Springs in Prussia, credited with Miraculous Cures in cases of Rheumatism, Gout, Sciatica, Goitre and all Nervous Aliments as well as general Tonic for the System.”

  • 1960's

    The Baths remained extremely popular until they closed in the mid-1960s. During the time the Baths were closed they were turned into a block of flats.

  • 1992

    Mike Fahy and Coral Lambert purchased the block of flats which were in operation for a further eight years under their ownership until a discovery was made - the old well head was turned on and the mineral water began flowing once more.

  • 1999

    Construction began in 1999 and The Bonithon Spa Health Co. Ltd (Mike & Coral), re-established the historical bathhouse to what it is known as today (Taranaki Thermal Spa), which saw its doors open to the public in September 2000.

  • 2001

    After a few years, Mike and Coral had the water further analysed and discovered that it was suitable for drinking as well. This saw the establishment of Pure One Mineral Water - assessed as the only known mineral water of its kind in New Zealand.

  • 2023

    We are proudly New Zealand family-owned and operated and have been providing the local Taranaki community along with some of the wider New Zealand region with mineral water for just over 20 years. 2023 & 2024 sees our expansion and we want to share our hidden gem with you, the people of Aotearoa New Zealand.

100% Natural, as it should be ~ Pure One Alkaline Mineral Water

With 780 mg of mineral content per litre and 17 of the 21 minerals considered essential to good health, Pure One is the only known mineral water of its kind in New Zealand.